Hedayatullah Zaheb

Hedayatullah Zaheb


In ECEP HAN International Companies, regardless of the global challenges ahead, we have solid commitments to innovate in speed with accuracy for the products development, marketing strategy, and strategic sales through governance around the world. We have created a trusted global business network, distributed the wealth with our partners, and planned for ourselves for good; while The Planner establishes a robust base foundation when we have a strong commitment on goals and professional brains teaming up for it, we evolve beyond the boundaries and thinking out of the box, we value our straightforward judgment on quality and productions over the new model products; our performance depends on our team in company as we believe by working hard we have guaranteed statement 94:4-5 of Verily with every hardship comes ease.

I believe in high-performance people with less experience other than less performance people with higher experience and have the will to be committed to reality and understand that everything needs time, but not again and again for the same process.

In a decade of experience, it has been clear in business to share the wealth with our reliable partners and employees, build the great happy team is key for success, educate our people for good as I know that there will be one day a limited number of knowledgeable once leading the world, join us globally we are here to trade for good, speak, hear, work and communicate for good.


I am Zeynep EKİZOĞLU, The Ecep Han Business Development Manager. I have been involved in the ECEP HAN firm almost since its establishment. I follow the growth and development of the firm day by day with great pride. Since we aim to make ECEP HAN one of the leading corporate companies globally, we work with all our devotion. We include the right and qualified people in our staff and give them a good career opportunity. We have a clear strategic plan for the short and long term, and we are getting closer to our goals every day. As the business development department, we have worked hard to make these goals come true, and we will continue to work tirelessly.

Hedayatullah ZAHEB

It has been only a few months since I am working with ECEP HAN, although I have been involved in the company’s inception process since the beginning days indirectly. On a happy day, when I was offered to work officially with the company, I could not believe my eyes because I saw the real-life example of Paulo Coelho’s saying: “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” Looking back at those days when I was working with Nikmal unofficially and seeing the expansion of ECEP HAN in one year, I believe that the current vision of ECEP HAN will materialize itself sooner rather than later. By 2027 I see the company will make its mark in the world of business with a turnover of 100s of millions of dollars. The company culture’s current vibes and energy make me confident that ECEP HAN will create an unstoppable development wave, and that wave will bring about good to the chaotic world we are witnessing.

 Ecep Han aims to create highly motivated and productive teams for a unique service understanding by maximizing employee satisfaction with the principle of Quality and Reputation.

In line with Ecep Han’s basic understanding of honesty and justice, it maintains team spirit by striking a balance between sustainability and responsibility.

To improve the team by making continuous innovations in line with the high standards set by Ecep Han that are including good career opportunities in different and various fields.  

The company believes in continuous self-improvement, the incredible power of believing in oneself, and the effect of creativity and HR in leading this vision.


It was tough for a patriot person like me to decide and start work out of my home country. But when I see that friends like brothers (Nikmal, Hedayat, and Me) are gathered in a frame to form a workflow for an establishment, one of us dreams. It gives me more and more energy to work hard and reach the latest point which we aim to. We have taken the first steps and have drawn the path for moving forward, introducing ECEP HAN in the global market as a quality product supplier. Now we still have a lot to do and be together; we will remain together until our dreams come true.

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