About us

Multinational Company Specialized in Medical Devices, Saffron, Dried Fruits, Mining, Logistics, and General Trading

Professionals, engineers, development experts, and good business people gathered from corners of the world to make a single soul and contribute to humanity’s health and good. We wake up thinking about you and hit the hay, contemplating what boon we have delivered to you. In a world where health is only business, in ECEP HAN worldwide, we are putting hands to hands innovating in speed and accuracy to produce and serve where it will go for good.


We mine with you and We mine for you!

Professional and multidisciplinary services for all aspects of mine development in Afghanistan.

From exploration and feasibility to design, transformation, contract negotiations, construction supervision, mine management, operational assistance, and training.

Afghan Miner, a subsidiary of ECEP HAN, specializes in providing technical due diligence for mining properties, valuations, consultation, and building partnerships in Afghanistan.

We also export various mineral commodities mined by our company and our group of partner miners.

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Food and Agriculture

Make Your Life Delicious with our Food, Spices, Dried Fruits and Agricultural Products

We at Harir Brands™, from the time of opening our eyes in the morning to the time of hitting the hay, are thinking about you; your health, taste choice, priorities, and satisfaction. We guarantee that our best-in-the-world saffron, hing, and dried fruits will give you a distinctive taste and quality experience.

If you can enjoy life from the depth of your soul, you will have a crush on Harir  Saffron and Harir Dried Fruits; feel the hum of the bees, the beauty of nature, the fragrance of inherent beauty, and the taste of the heavens.

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General Trading

We ask, we listen and we respond to the needs and ensure the satisfaction of our Clients and our Partners

ECEP HAN International has developed into one of the leading companies in the business world, actively engaged in import-export, supply-chain, trading, investment, and business consultation. ECEP HAN International, with active offices in the USA, Turkiye, United Arab Emirates, Switzerland, and Afghanistan and with two sister companies in India and Iran, is actively helping various clients, partners, and people with doing business for Good!

ECEP HAN International is built on an ethical approach to delivering total solutions and getting them right the first time. We work with our clients and partners and encourage direct communication with them and our highly skilled workforce.

Our Brands

Come on! Come all, and enjoy the experience of working with diverse ECEP HAN brands all for good.

Afghan Miner

A company that can help you in trillions of dollar mining industry and give you access to the mine and minerals of Afghanistan. We will be a reliable partner, paving the way for your fruitful investment in Afghanistan. Partner with us and make sure your future standing in one of the world’s largest industry.

Fit Nation - Center for Health

"Fat Nation" sports clubs, as one of the most reliable and successful centers for the promotion of bodybuilding, gymnastics, wrestling, free fight and various types of martial arts clubs in Afghanistan, strives to give you the opportunity to create the best version of yourself. By combining scientific principles, modern technology, and the experiences, we with our trainers, help you achieve your goals in the physical and mental areas.

Harir Saffron™ Hand Picked One by One

If you can enjoy life from the depth of your soul, you will have a crush on Harir Saffron™; feel the hum of the bees, the beauty of nature, the fragrance of inherent beauty, and the taste of the heavens. Make Your Life Delicious with Afghan's Best in the World Saffron.

EHSP™ Ecep Han Safety Products

Ecep Han Safety Products (EHSP™) is the brand under which we produce medical, hygienic, medical devices, surgical drapes and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). We have multiple production lines with international standards.
Made in Turkey

Travel the world in a one-on-one live video streaming virtual experience

Takes you in a personal live virtual traveling experience. Watch any place in the world, at any time, via live video-on-demand footage from the location you wish to visit.

Tandoori Pizza™ A Culinary Journey

Nestled in the heart of Afghanistan, Tandoori Pizza nvites you on a unique culinary adventure where traditional Afghan flavors meet the beloved classic – pizza. Our restaurant, aptly named Tandoori Pizza, is a celebration of cultural fusion, combining the artistry of tandoori cooking with the universal appeal of pizza.

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