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Istanbul, Turkiye

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Unearthing Hidden Gems in the Heart of Asia-Afghanistan

Join us on a journey into the heart of Afghanistan's mining industry, where we unlock the potential of natural resources.

In the Heart of Eurasia-Istanbul

Turkey, our dynamic crossroads of innovation and heritage - where Tradition Meets Tomorrow., blending ancient cultures with cutting-edge progress.
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Futuristic Oasis of the Arab World-Dubai

In the UAE, we're crafting tomorrow in a land of visionary splendor. Dunes of Innovation: UAE, where tradition waltzes with ultramodern ambition.
About us

ECEP HAN Global A Symphony of Expertise in Diverse Domains

We are a dynamic multinational powerhouse, seamlessly blending our prowess in online commerce, cutting-edge car washing solutions, premium saffron production, top-tier dried fruits, strategic mining operations, efficient logistics, and versatile general trading.

In an era where business is often just transactional, we at ECEP HAN Global stand apart. We are committed to innovation, precision, and speed, not merely for the sake of progress, but for a greater purpose: to create, serve, and impact the world positively. We don’t just do business; we are in the business of making a difference.


Celebrating Excellence Spotlight on ECEP HAN Global’s Premier Brands


Revolutionizing Cleanliness with Innovation. Our exclusive line of touch-free washing machines sets a new standard in effortless, eco-friendly cleaning solutions, transforming daily chores into a seamless experience.


Dive into our unique online platform where diverse, high-quality products meet seamless, cross-border trading experiences.

Harir Saffron

At Harir Brands™, we are committed to enriching your life with our premium saffron, hing, and dried fruits, ensuring each product is a testament to unparalleled taste and quality.

Afghan Miner

We specialize in comprehensive mining services in Afghanistan, from exploration to operational excellence, ensuring not just extraction, but sustainable growth and community upliftment

Experience the future of car washing with Yika Git!

*New innovation in Türkiye
Unmatched convenience, superior cleaning, and eco-friendly technology at your fingertips.

Amberyol: Redefining Global Marketplaces

*New online experience in Türkiye
Amberyol brings the world to your doorstep, offering an expansive selection of products with the ease of global online shopping.

A Symphony of Taste and Health!

*Indulge in the Essence of Nature with Harir
Our offerings are more than just food; they're an experience of nature's beauty, from the hum of bees to the fragrance of purity, promising a heavenly taste that resonates with the depth of your soul.

Unearthing Prosperity, Partnering for Progress

*Expertise Rooted in the Earth
Afghan Miner excels in technical due diligence, valuations, and consultations, fostering robust partnerships and exporting a rich array of mineral commodities, reflecting our commitment to both economic development and environmental stewardship.

Our Team

Our Core Team A Fusion of Brilliant Minds

A Select Group of Visionary Leaders. Their unparalleled expertise and foresight have meticulously crafted a legacy of innovation, steering our global journey towards unmatched success.

Heartfelt Impact: Our Philanthropic Mission to Transform Lives

ECEP HAN Global: Pioneering Philanthropy in Afghanistan. Through our partnership with the Afghan Rayan Educational and Development Organization, we establish orphanages, provide vital food aid, and uplift impoverished families, weaving hope and resilience into the fabric of communities.

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Orphans Accommodation and Schooling

Our Partner

Afghan Rayan Educational and Development Organization: A Beacon of Hope, Educating and Empowering Afghanistan's Future Generations

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Needy people helped with food and livelihood yearly

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