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We are hiring

ECEP HAN is delighted to announce that this company is providing employment opportunities and personal development platform to number of people in Istanbul, Turkey. If you love to work for good and be a companion of good and you think you are qualified for below positions, please send your CV…
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Where we see Us and Where are we heading as a company

Nikmal ABDULLAH In ECEP HAN International Companies, regardless of the global challenges ahead, we have solid commitments to innovate in speed with accuracy for the products development, marketing strategy, and strategic sales through governance around the world. We have created a trusted global business network, distributed the wealth with our…
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ECEP HAN: Answering the Call for PPE Demands

Ecep Han manufactures medical textiles, more commonly referred to as Personal Protective Equipment, providing healthcare facilities and private businesses with masks, medical gowns, medical coveralls, shields and more. “Ecep Han immediately fills gaps in our strained national PPE supply chain. Because we have secured extensive access to raw materials sourced in Turkey,…
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ECEP HAN Adds Two FDA, CDC Certifications To Roster

Ecep Han North America, a U.S. veteran co-owned manufacturer and supplier of personal protective equipment (PPE), cleared another hurdle after receiving independent certification on chemotherapy gowns and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) approved N-95 masks. Responding to the huge demand for the highest quality PPE at…
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